We completely manage and optimize the service and maintenance of your buildings. With the click of one button. 


Yes, really, one button. Click "Service Request" to schedule service or resolve a breakdown. We broadcast the request to your network of qualified contractors. After broadcasting, the rest is automated; we provide you with real-time job statuses and detailed expense history on your buildings and their equipment through your custom, Proper web portal.

Schedule and Dispatch

Get Organized

We've created the most efficient maintenance management system. Everything is organized, searchable and together in one system. "Tracking down" information is a thing of the past.  

Monitor and Review


Since we're web-based, you get real-time updates on the status of every service call. Track your ongoing repairs, building expenses, payments and more from the road, your office or home.

Insights and Payments

Resolve Issues Quickly

Crises are handled promptly with Proper's dispatching - a communication line from you to your best service contractors. We provide a detailed record and the invoice arrives right away, preventing any future surprises. 



Proper provides you Instant access to valuable insights and understanding about your business. Reports that used to take days or weeks to create are available at the click of a button.


Dashboard Reporting

Jobs By Status

Jobs by status

Retrieve jobs that are ongoing, complete or upcoming and review their details

expenses to date

Expenses to Date

Track expenses by building, specific equipment or client portfolio without data entry

Accounts Payable Management

A/P Management

View and quickly pay invoices with your credit card

Custom Views and Reports


Create custom views and reports to fit your business



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"Last winter was an unusually cold one and caused a lot of problems in some older buildings. We were still receiving invoices six months later and having to go back to reconcile. This caused a lot of headache and frustration. Using Proper, we won't have this problem again. All Job details are logged and stored online. This alone saves us hours per week."

- S. Arnold, Owner


Property management teams love how Proper enforces administrative best practices.

Proper ensures that the paperwork from your contractors is as tidy and efficient as the service work they perform. After service is complete, we make it easy to report all relevant information back to building owners and stakeholders, keeping everyone happy and well informed.

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Organized & Efficient

Realtime Job Monitoring

Real-Time Job Monitoring

Proper keeps you on top of important tasks. Check in with any job without calling the building. Simply watch the work transition from accepted to en route, to complete. 

Complete Expense Tracking

Complete Expense Tracking

Proper reports on the health of your building and delivers its work history in rich, detailed graphics. See how your properties and your business are doing at a glance.


"Managing a building's service in the past was stressful and took up a considerable amount of my time. With Proper, anyone on my team can log in, get updates on ongoing service work, see the building's work history, review job documents like work orders or invoices and easily pay our bills. This is especially great for us, but also great for the contractors we work with."

- J. Waters, Manager


Increase Performance

Realtime Job Monitoring

Your Business, Your Way

All you need is an internet connection, and you can take your Property Management firm, and the important clients you represent, with you.

Payments made Easy

Proper lets you pay any approved bill online with your credit card,  keeping you on top of your A/P staff and your best contractors working happily.

Some more features our customers love...


Mobile Access

Proper works on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices so you can access your business on the go and manage it from anywhere.  

Bank Grade Security

Proper is protected with leading SSL encryption and continually monitors its service ensuring your data is secure and available at all times.

Any Operating System

Proper's entire feature set is available on any operating system and just about every browser. We work the way you do.


We provide you with the information you need to be successful and informed. Customer statistics, building and equipment history, and expenses are all at your fingertips and updated in real-time.

Access Anywhere

Anywhere you can access the internet you can use Proper. You can approve, create or send from anywhere so Proper will keep you up to date and in sync with your team and business.


Proper takes the information from your contractors work orders and invoices and automatically updates all of your systems providing you with rich building and equipment history without data entry.   

Property Managers Love Proper

But don't take our word for it...

Proper allows me to focus on my staff, our growth and our customers. Not having to worry about the maintenance of our buildings has made work a lot more enjoyable for all of us.”
— L. Graham, Client Services

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