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We understand that every business is unique...


Before launching Proper, PointyHat has been offering software consulting and custom development for nearly a decade. We've helped hundreds of contractors perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.  Our team's collective insights and understanding ensure we'll solve your challenges in the most cost-effective way possible. We've accomplished a lot of goals for our customers, but one they've all achieved is becoming more profitable and efficient.  


Our Process - The Proper Way


The PointyHat way is a collection of industry best practices which provide you with the most effective solution to your businesses challenges.

There are three defined stages:

Business process mapping
Understand your goals and challenges

Build and test

Create your product and perform real-world tests

Adopt and launch

Train your staff and roll out your product

The stages are outlined below.



STAGE ONE - Business Process Mapping

Interviews and meetings are conducted to understand your goals and address the biggest challenges your organization is facing. We then outline a plan and deliver a cost benefit report so you can clearly understand the value you'll be receiving should you decide to move forward with the full project. 

Stage one cost: $3500-$5500+  depending on the scope of the project. 



•Requirements Analysis; Goals and Objectives investigation
•Business Process Analysis
•Documents in use (Work Orders, Spreadsheets)
•Current Software in use; APIs, SDKs
•Reporting/Dashboard KPI study
•Cost-Benefit Analysis



•Business Process Diagrams
•Problem-solution validation
•Minimum viable product (MVP)


Deliverable – Project Proposal

•Cost-Benefit Report
•Software recommendations
•Implementation strategy


STAGE TWO - Build and Test

Stage two consists of building and testing your system in real world situations. We break your project down into a series of milestones so we can get the portions of your system that will provide the most benefit into your hands as quickly as possible. We take the feedback you provide to continiously improve  and optimize your system until it's running like a well oiled machine. 



•Technical Specifications of Custom Development; Integration(s)
•Database Modelling
•User Interface (UI) Prototyping
•Client reviews/approvals (Agile)
•Deploy into test environment



•Internal Testing and Debugging
•Client introduced to working software, stage-by-stage, as per schedule


Deliverable - Soft Launch

•Product-solution validation
•Client testing commences
•Client feedback loop employed
•Software Beta Deployment



STAGE THREE - Adopt and Launch

At this point, you will have interacted with every aspect of your system. We train your staff and release the product across your entire organization. Once your system is fully "live", our ongoing customer support begins where a dedicated account manager is available whenever you need any assistance. 



•Training of User base commences
•Conduct user Acceptance Testing (UAT)
•Complete final modifications
•Deploy into production environment



•Software deployed to Production Server
•Software has status of Live
•Client Approval and Sign-off performed


Deliverable - Beta Completion

•Six (6) months of programmer level support
•Phone, chat, and email support


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