PointyHat is a software company based in Toronto with a regional office in Vancouver. We've built the best apps for contractors, property managers, and their customers. We're looking for great people to join us.


Helping the world improve construction efficiency and effectiveness



Interested in helping to build the future of commercial and residential construction? Are you passionate about making a big positive impact? If so, you've come to the right place.   

PointyHat's mission is to maximize worldwide construction efficiency. We're committed to utilizing and creating advanced technology to make contractors and their customers more efficient and profitable.

To accomplish this, we need the best people, which is where you come in. If you have a desire to make a large positive impact on the world and have the drive and determination to make it happen, we want to work with you. 


We're a team of builders - designers, engineers, marketers and entrepreneurs who all love to create awesome products and put them in people's hands. When it comes to what we believe in, first and foremost we want everyone on our team to love what they do and be inspired to achieve their goals.

From the beginning, we seek to understand what inspires and motivates our team members so we can ensure we're providing challenging and meaningful work. We want to grow with our team and help everyone reach whatever it is they aspire to.


PointyHat has two offices in Canada, In Toronto, we're along King East near the distillery district. In Vancouver, we're close to historic main street with all of its shops and great lunch spots.


  • We're a tight-knit team where your actions and decisions have great impact
  • Work on your schedule. If you need time off, take it
  • Meaningful equity in an early stage company
  • Work on big ideas that have significant impact on the world
  • See your ideas nurtured and developed through to realization
  • Work in one of the best cities in the world. (Vancouver or Toronto)

Team Activities 

There's a shortage of wacky themed days, unfortunately, but we'll get together and do fun things as a team. Usually spur of the moment or with minimal planning. We're always open to ideas!

Seriously FOR A moment...

Here's the bottom line. We're a fast growing startup that's making a big impact. We're looking for people who can hustle and share in a huge vision. We work as much as we feel like which is a lot right now, but it doesn't feel like work because of how exciting it is to see the opportunity in front of us. We are a group of friendly, smart, eccentric, ambitious and highly motivated people who want to share in the success. Let's do it, check out the open positions below.   



Product and Design Focused

We are a product, engineering, and design-led organization.  Most of our effort goes into creating awesome products for our community and customers, and putting them in their hands.

Build your Ideas

If you think of something that excites or motivates you which fits into the vision, we'll encourage you to take ownership of it and help you turn it into a reality.

Share In the Stoke

Whether it be a new blog post about a cutting edge approach we could apply or an obscure psychological concept that gets discussed or debated, we're always excited for what we do.   

Patient but moving fast

We understand that good things take time, but that doesn't mean we'll hold off on shipping code or UX updates. We'll push it out the moment it's better than what's live. 

Results Driven

The numbers don't lie. If you can set goals for yourself, deliver and validate your reasoning with data or sound evidence, we're happy. From there, we'll leave the rest up to you. 

Open Minded

Have new ideas, concepts or something that's on your mind? Think something could be done more efficiently? We want to hear it, validate and implement it. 


Seniordevelopericon Senior Developer

Fullstackdevelopericon Mobile Developer

UXdesignericon UX Designer

customeroperationsicon Customer Operations Advisor

productmanagericon Product Manager

Growthspecialisticon Account Executive, Growth

Salesleadicon Sales Development Representative

Don't see the perfect fit? If you're smart and ambitious, we want to hear from you. Send your resume to jobs@useproper.com 


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